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Dairy Cow
This range of white and black Dairy Cows is reckoned for its excellent milk production rate and long life span. These have strong immunity function and these can survive under different temperature conditions.
Gir Cow
Gir Cows originate in Sourastra region of Gujarat. These have 385 kg weight and these can produce around 1590 kg milk. Classified under zebu breed of dairy animals, these cows mature within 36 to 48 months. 
HF Cow
HF Cows are known for their high milk yielding rate. These are 58 inch tall and these weigh approximately 1500 pounds. These can be kept in mixed farming and also on grassland. 
Jersey Cow
Listed among the top milk producing dairy animals, Jersey Cows are easy to care and maintain. Milk produced by this breed of cows has high butterfat content and protein. We offer this breed of cows at reasonable price.
Kankrej Cow
Dairy Kankrej Cows are known for their high milk production rate. This breed of cows can produce around 1738 kg milk during lactation period. Their first calving occurs during their 39to 56 months of age.
Murrah Buffalo
Murah Buffaloes offered by us are acknowledged for their high milk production rate. These have distinctive physical features that include jet black body color, black eyes, long and thin back, white markings on face and legs.
Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal Cows are known for their high milk productivity level. Originally found in Punjab of Pakistan, this breed of cows is classified under Zebu breed of dairy animals. Produced milk ofthese cows have high butterfat content.

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